Belgian Institute Graphic Design (BINGO) is an independent organization functioning as a knowledge hub and presentation platform for graphic design in and from Belgium. The Institute fills in the gaps resulting from the historical underappreciation of graphic design. Without its own museum or headquarters, but with a website as an operatingbase, the Institute guides in this revaluation process by organizing thematic exhibitions all around Belgium. The institute researches and reveals the history of graphic design within Belgium and offers a platform for contemporary trends within graphic design.

We are a non-profit organisation. Everything is made possible by donations, the help of all the people surrounding the initiative and a small amount of grants.

Board Members
Pia Jacques
Leroy Meyer
Myrthe Pieniakowski
Mateo Broillet
Zuzanna Rachowska

Postal Address
Belgisch Instituut Grafisch Ontwerp vzw
Schietbaanstraat 16, 8400 Oostende (BE)

Registered Office
Belgisch Instituut Grafisch Ontwerp vzw
Visélaan 23, 1170 Brussel (BE)
VAT: BE0775.719.688
IBAN: BE18 9733 8517 0765



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