23.10.2023 — 31.01.2023

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Image: The ironic full stop (⸮ or ؟) is a punctuation mark placed at the end of a sentence to indicate that it should be taken in the second degree. Specific irony marks have also been proposed, such as in the form of an open upward arrow, used by Marcellin Jobard, owner of the journal ‘Le Courier Belge’ in the 19th century, and in a form resembling a reversed question mark, proposed by French poet Alcanter de Brahm during the 19th century.


Guided tour with Aline Baudet of the exhibition ‘Brussels Queer Graphics’ (EN)

Aline Baudet, founder of Accolade studio and teacher at La Cambre in the graphic communication department, will guide us through the exhibition ‘Brussels Queer Graphics‘ at the Design Museum Brussels, on the 24.09.23 at 14h.


From the 1950s on, LGBTQI+ communities in Brussels have used graphic design and developed a specific language. This visual language signals their presence and their commitment to a set of shared principles, identities and values. Shaped by struggle and celebration, turmoil and compromise, this tool of both resistance and resilience fosters an alternative form of collectiveness. Through the materiality, composition, typography, iteration and language used, graphic designers, both professional and amateur, identify and address their message towards specific audiences.


WHEN? 24.09.23 at 14h00


WHERE? Design Museum Brussels, Place de la Belgique 1 – 1020 Brussels



To book your spot, please send a mail to [email protected] with your name and phone number.



The guided tour is included in the entrance ticket to the museum. You can find their prices here.



La Lune Menteuse

Pleasure Island, Oostende

As the moon influences the tide, the Belgian Institute of Graphic Design lands at the cabin of PLEASURE ISLAND in collaboration with HARING BOOKS. At this event, we invited different designers and editors to talk about magazines:

We depart with the topic of an unpublished magazine, ‘The Moon (La lune, De Maan, der Mond, La Luna)’ by Jan Vercruysse. The discussion was introduced by Anton Pereira Rodriguez , researcher at Ghent University, on the intentions of Vercruysse.


Guided tour: Marcel Broodthaers Industrial Poems, Open Letters (EN)

WIELS, Brussels

Visit of the exhibition Marcel Broodthaers : Industrial Poems, Open Letters

“These plaques are fabricated like waffles, you know”, said Marcel Broodthaers of the plastic plaques he produced between 1968 and 1972, and which continued his work around the effects of publicity and mass media on language and visual communication.


Typosafari with Jo de Baerdemaeker

'Cherchez la petite bête', Rossicontemporary

The Belgian Institute for Graphic Design invites you to take a walk through Uccle as part of its ‘Cherchez la petite bête’ exhibition at Rossi contemporary. We suggest you discover the different architectural periods, with a special focus on shapes, colours and letters. Jo de Baerdemaeker, designer and typographer, accompanies us on the walk and gives us more information about his research into Belgian foundries and typography.