Booklet ‘Graphic Design Museum Gent’

A publication about our research and past presentations on the Design Museum’s graphic histories in Ghent is available!


We settled for eight weeks in the DING vitrine of the museum, sharing and inhabiting the space with the Post Identity Project*. It is a period too short to dive deep into the museum’s graphic history, but enough time to open a selection of archive boxes and discover some snippets of its past.


This led to four temporary exhibitions and research trajectories: the evolution of Design Museum Gent’s graphic identity, the graphic designer and educator Hélène Van Coppenolle, Frida Burssens wonderful poster series and, finally, the exhibition ‘In koeien van letters: 50 years of graphic design in Flanders’.


24 pages, 19 x 25,5 cm


Price free contribution
Shipping €4 (Belgium) €8 (EU)


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Designed by PIP* (then, Ran De Vos and Bruno Jacoby)
Made possible thanks to Design Museum Gent