Cherchez la petite bête

Rossicontemporary, 20.03.2021 — 20.05.2021

Cherchez la petite bête

Animals come in all sizes and colors: fur, feathers, hair, beaks, whiskers, wings, tails and much more. From the camel in front of the Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels, to the cats of the Kattenstoet parade in Ypres, passing by the birds of the Grand Place of Brussels, animals have always been an inspiring source for graphic designers. They have been used as symbols, such as the dove as a symbol of peace of the owl as a symbol of wiseness. Often stylised, such as the silhouettes by the designer Patrice Julius, animals are often recognisable by few characteristics. The playfulness between the various formats of posters invites the visitor to look to the details of these creatures of all kinds. 

*Cherchez la petite bête (literal translation ‘looking for the little bug’) is a French idiom meaning to be excessively attentive to the details. 

This exhibition took place thanks to the art gallery Rossicontemporary.

Cherchez la petite bête, Rossicontemporary Brussels