FOCUS ON: Sophie & Sami Alouf

Antwerp, 27.11.2020 — 11.12.2020


Sophie & Sami Alouf

S & S Alouf, Le Cirque Echanté de Saint Nicolas/Het Tovecircus van Sinterklaas, Woluwe Shopping Center, 1974.

The Sinterklaas poster was designed in 1974 by Sophie Alouf and her husband Sami Alouf for the Woluwe Shopping Center. The poster was screen printed to 50 copies. Sophie Alouf studied Visual Arts at la Cambre in Brussels. She worked as a freelance graphic designer for various companies and organizations, both nationally and internationally.

In Belgium she worked for the Museum of Fine Arts, the Design Center and the Woluwe and Westland shopping centers. Her graphic work is a collaboration with her husband, graphic designer Sami Alouf. In addition to her career as a designer, Sophie Alouf was responsible for the Graphic Design Atelier in Saint Luc Brussels and taught at La Cambre in the typography department.