‘Rencontres d’archives’ at ENSAV La Cambre


“Rencontres d’archives” is an interdisciplinary module proposing a collective and multidisciplinary research of the different forms of archives that exist and circulate through La Cambre. The module proposes to reflect on the different temporalities of the school and its history; students, teachers, technicians, as well as its buildings.

The module took place in 2022-23 and had for perspective the centenary of La Cambre in 2027-2028. The module was developed through different steps: First by a trip to Gent where we visited the ‘grafische collectie’ of the graphic design section of LUCA School of Arts and the exhibition ‘a nail t the wall’. We also were able to visit he archives of the Boekentoren, concieved by Van de Velde, founder of La Cambre. Through the conference of Sara De Bondt and a workshop organised by Salle de Lecture the students were invited to research deeper a particular artefact that interested or intrigued them.

The module concluded in a exhibition at the library, presenting the different works of the students and the launch of a small booklet.

Rencontres d'archives, poster exhibition designed by Antoine Lacour and Anna Le Bec, 2023
Typeface for bookspines, Julie Noyer, 2023
Publication by Anna Le Bec, 2023