FOCUS ON: Frie Soomers

Antwerp, 16.10.2020 — 30.10.2020


Frie Soomers

Frie Soomers was appointed in 1974 as the graphic designer for the Antwerp jazz festival Jazz Middelheim. She succeeded designer Frans de Jonck and used his design as the basis for her new contribution. Between 1974 and 1989, the period in which Soomers worked for Jazz Middelheim, the visual identity of the jazz festival remained unchanged. In its strong design from 1974, each edition was changed only a few elements, such as the year and sponsors.

The green background reflected Park Den Brandt, where the festival has been taking place. The idiosyncratic logo, which makes the initials of Jazz Middelheim with musical notes, has grown into an icon and was a landmark for the festival for 15 years.

Frie Soomers, Jazz Middelheim, 1976.