FOCUS ON: Jeanine Behaeghel

Antwerp, 11.12.2020 — 02.01.2021


Jeanine Behaeghel

Jeanine Behaeghel, Paradijs, Korrekelder, 1963 ©Letterenhuis.

Today Jeanine Behaeghel (1940 – 1993) is best known as a painter and sculptor, but has been present in many ways as a photographer and graphic designer.

She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bruges, then in Düsseldorf and London, after which she returned to Bruges. She designed the identity for De Korrekelder, the famous theater on the Kraanplein in Bruges in 1961. Jeanine Behaeghel made many posters, theater programs and advertisements for De Korrekelder. After this period as graphic designer she had her first exhibition as a painter and focused more on her career as an autonomous artist.